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24-02-2016 | MegasetH celebrate 15 years of mayhem!

Let's flash back 15 years ago...

In cafe "De Kraai(RIP)" in Bladel, singer Marcel and drummer Martijn have a chat at the bar while enjoying an ice cold Hoegaarden beer as they put plans on the table to play a Megadeth cover-set, just for once at the Kempensessie festival in Steensel, close to Eindhoven. On april 15th 2001, we play for a full house and we kick some major ass! As a singer, Marcel nails his first ever appearance on stage perfectly!

Back to the present ...

After 15 years we've still managed to exist! Time flies, when you're having fun...
Meanwhile, we are the longest existing Megadeth tribute band in the world and we've played more than 70 shows throughout The Netherlands and beyond, across the borders! Shows in small cafes, but also larger venues such as 013, De Effenaar, Dynamo etc.

In the past, as part of a tour of eight dates, we travelled throughout the country and today we also perform as part of a package: Tribute to The Big 4!

Above all, fun and hobby have always played an important role for us in being MegasetH! What is more fun than bringing the timeless and challenging songs created by Megadeth mastermind Dave Mustaine to the public?!! Great fun in the rehearsals, the shoarma bar, on the road, having a beer, playing along with other bands and always meeting friendly metal people.

To celebrate our fifteen year anniversary, we play a special show on Sunday the 27th of March at the place where it all began, De Kempensessie in De H

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10-10-2015 | Something BIG4 is happening

Thanks to the huge effort of Striep and his new booking agency Big4nmore, we can say that we're proud to tell you and the rest of the world that we as MegasetH are participating in one of the coolest collaborations in metal Tribute history!
Since June this year, we have formed a package to pay homage to the four biggest thrash metal bands on the face of this planet. Yes, we've managed to assemble an all Dutch Tribute to the Big 4, the mighty Anthrax, MegadetH, Slayer and Metallica!
Anthrax will be performed by the crazy lunatics of The Covernant, normally an all-round metal cover band from the region of Dongen, but they've prepared a full set of old-school Anthrax songs!
Player, from Utrecht, were found eager and fit enough to blast through the fastest and darkest anthems of Slayer.
Our long time friends of Imitallica, from Bakel, are filling in the wanted Metallica spot. They are more than capable of bringing you back to the glory days of Metallica of the 80's! They emphasize mainly on the first four or five albums.
In fact, all of the four bands try to reach out to the older material that made these four the BIG Four! This will provide a show loaded with recognition and nostalgia, headbanging, moshing, beerdrinking and most of all a guaranteed night to remember!
From now it is possible to book the Big 4 tribute through Big4NMore
Next to booking us in this package, it's still possible to book us for a full length evening, a headliner spot or as part of a festival or a metal themed bill.
For more info, check the "info" page on this website.

Tribute to the BIG4 of Thrash

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25-12-2014 | Holiday Greetingzzzz

2014 went by in a flash and brought us a good year, with plenty of great shows to remember!
We would like to say thanks to all the promotors and bands we've played with, but most of our gratitude goes out to YOU, the fans who made every gig a success!
We hope next year will bring us more of the same! Anyway, it is time again for our annual Christmas card to you all!
So here is a big cheerz to you! Happy Holidays and a headbanging 2015! See you on the killing road again!
Greetz from Marcel, Jan, Martijn, Ruud and Willem!
Megaseth Christmas

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26-06-2014 | New gig @ Little Devil bar in Tilburg!

Good news, boyz 'n girlz!!! We're delighted to announce that finally, after 8 years, another show is booked at the Little Devil Rockbar in Tilburg!! It's been so fucking long ago, that we don't even remember the last time, ha ha... Or has it just been the sheer amount of drinks that have been occupying our businesses over the years;-)
Yes, on friday the 11th of july, we're playing a full headline set of golden MegadetH oldies, like Wake up dead, Holy Wars and Symphony of destruction, but we've also been working on some other stuff in the live-set.
Brand new will be "She Wolf" off of the "Cryptic Writings" album, but also more rare songs like 'Five Magics" and "Set the World Afire" are songs to be waiting for!
Partners in Thrashmetal crime will be "Into The Pit", a brand new tribute to TestamenT! Actually, the guys in there should look familiar. Willem and Jan from MegasetH are responsible for the guitar and bassguitar mayhem! Our Bladel based friends Frits Rooijackers, on lead vocs and guitar and drummer Rob van Gompel, complete their band.
Be sure to wreck your head to the likes of songs as "Over The Wall", "Practice What You Preach", "DNR", and of course "Into The Pit"!
We hope to invite you all over there! Just to make up for the European leg of the recent world tour that MegadetH have cancelled. We'll give you everything that you need to get your thrashmetal kicks anyhow! Rattle up your goddamn head!!

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04-06-2014 | Set The World Afire live@ De Pul Uden!

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26-03-2014 | New shows to be announced soon!

We've been working our existing and new contacts to plan some new shows for 2014.

More info will follow at short notice!

In the meantime four out of five of the MegasetH members are busy practicing for some coverprojects that are to be played live on sunday, the 20th of april. As in good tradition, they are preparing to play the following sets @ De Kempensessie in Steensel: Testament; by Willem and Jan. Within Temptation; by Ruud, and Twisted Sister; by Martijn. Come and join us there! More info @www.kempensessie.nl

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17-02-2013 | 2 new kick ass gigs coming up!

So here we are again, ready to rock this new year! Two new shows have been planned in the next future;
First of all, on friday the 15th of March, we'll be battling the stage with Snaggleto

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06-10-2012 | MegasetH to destroy Mannheim, Germany!!!

Finally some news from the MegasetH front. During the last half year, some gigs were done and all was great! We can truly say that our new guitar player Ruud is back in style, and he certainly fits the team again!
Last show we added a new song to the set; "Trust" from the Cryptic Writing album. This song works well live and has a good build up and the power to start the show with. It's certainly a keeper ;-)
Next show that's up brings us to Germany for the first time in our 11 year history!! We are asked by Judas Priester (Judas Priest Tribute Band) to join them live on stage at the 7er Club in Mannheim on friday the 2nd of November.
Judas Priester
We met this band last year at a show in Deinze and the click was there instantly! This band sure knows how to kick away some old school Heavy Metal, people!!
We're looking forward to head to Mannheim and to show the German Headbangers what we're made of! We hope that a lot of old and new school metal fans show up and join us together with Judas Priester, to have a killer night, with a lot of banging, singing, beer drinking and moshing like hell!! For more info check out www.Judaspriester.de and The 7er-club.com

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14-12-2011 | MegasetH at Legends Fest in Deinze (Be)

This next Saturday, on December the 17th, we

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13-12-2011 | A change in the Megaseth Camp...

Time to come back to you and let you all in on the news that after 10 years, our friend and leadguitar player Roel has let us know that he wishes to stop feeding us with his intricate riffing and soloing that we need so badly to be able to play our beloved MegadetH songs.
Of course, we respect his choice and we like to thank him for all the effort he put in and for all the fun we shared over the years, both as bandmembers and as mates!
Luckily, we did not have to search very far to find the perfect man to replace Roel. Way back, during the first three MegasetH-gigs, Ruud de Boer used to play together with Roel, before Willem joined in his place. Nowadays, Ruud also plays together with Martijn, in their progressive metalband Turbulence.

MegasetH announce Ruud De Boer as new guitarplayer

Now, after almost ten years, Ruud is back with us and this last November the 27th, he showed us that he is more than capable to fill in the spot for Roel!
With only 4 rehearsals, he played a 13-song show with us in the local Bladel-based bar D

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